About Us

LEA AND ANDRE is a California-based jewelry company founded by Lavinia Lea. The signature design is interlocking hearts with gemstones/pearls. All the gemstones and pearls used in the jewelry are carefully hand-selected and the jewelry are hand-finished for their lasting beauty.

Founder and designer

From software engineer to jewelry designer, it's all about passion.

"My passion leads my way ... "

Since she was young, Lea has been very interested in jewelry making and gemstone identification. In spite of working as a software engineer in the computer industry after college, she continued to advance her skills by taking jewelry fabrication classes and GIA Lab courses such as Pearl Grading, Gemstone Identification, Color Stone Grading, and Diamond Grading.

When her father passed away, Lea realized that life is too short and that she should do something that she would enjoy while making a difference. With her husband's support, she started her own company, Lea and Andre.

"If you have a dream, just follow it. It's never too late to do so. You can always make a difference." -- Lea.

In memory of Lea's father, portion of the proceeds will be donated to cancer research.